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FORMULA MANAGER ON SALE 2021.09.11, 15:18h
Due to the lack of sponsors and the low interest that the game seems to have among users, Formula Manager listens to offers for its sale. If you are interested, please contact us:
End of Adobe Flash 2021.01.12, 10:13h
Remember that, since Flash support ends today, for the HTML viewer to work you must uninstall Flash from your computer
End of season bug 2020.10.28, 09:53h
The script that runs at the end of the season failed and the final tournaments have not taken place. This has been fixed and the tournaments will be played next week
Races scheduled 2019.12.26, 01:03h
Once the race was finished last Saturday, the new races were not generated for this weekend. The problem has been solved, sorry for the inconvenience
We postpone the changes 2019.04.14, 19:31h
The changes announced for the new season are postponed for future seasons. Sorry for bothering you.
Changes for next season 2019.02.09, 20:53h
We plan to make a major change in regards to the skills of the drivers starting next season, with the main goal of making the racing engine richer and more fun:

The drivers will have more skills , and their influence during the race will be clearer visually than hitherto. In principle the skills will be:

  • Aggressiveness: indicates both the wear of the car due to its driving style and the ability to speed up the driving distances
  • Stamina: indicates the driver's ability to maintain his level throughout the race as his physical and mental exhaustion increases
  • Concentration: indicates the ability of the driver not to make mistakes
  • Technique: ability to drive the car correctly
  • Overtaking: ability to overtake
  • Blocking: ability to prevent overtaking
  • Rain: driving the car with wet ground
There will be a new training system that will allow you to select the skill to train, which will be unique for each training. As before, aggressiveness can not be trained.

We will keep you informed.
Test racetrack 2018.12.28, 00:42h
From now on you can do an unlimited number of trainings in the test racetrack (Tests) . You just have to take into account the price of gasoline!
Result of the draw 2018.09.01, 19:59h
The winners of the Formula Manager T-shirt are:

Rodejet - Rodejet Cars (SP-1)
terrion - Terrinator (J-1)
iker moreira ricon - moreira gp (A-1)
Dennis - SUPER TONY (N-1)
Pitusu - Pitusónicos (N-9)

Congratulations to the lucky ones!
Win a Formula Manager T-Shirt 2018.06.16, 15:43h
At the end of the new season we will raffle 5 T-Shirts among all active Formula Manager users.

Each point of popularity of your team will provide you with a ticket for the draw. In this way, the users who advance the most in the game will have more chances to be the winners, but any user has a chance to win, even newcomers.
Change in drivers 2018.06.09, 22:23h
From now on aggressive drivers will have a lower performance , since we have detected that they were excessively fast in comparison with the non-aggressive ones. In addition, both aggressive drivers and those who assume a high risk, will consume more fuel and wear more tyres .

On the other hand, we have doubled the time it takes to change the brakes and the engine in the pits during the race and we have improved the prediction of fuel consumption and the summary of weekly accounts.
PROBLEMS WITH THE SERVER 2018.05.26, 17:16h
A problem with the server has prevented us from accessing the web throughout the morning. Today's races have been postponed 24 hours.
Vote for Formula Manager! 2018.05.05, 02:26h
Help us show everyone what is the best Formula 1 racing management online game by voting for Formula Manager :)

Vote in Top Browser Games
Error in the generation of races 2018.04.29, 16:12h
The races have been re-generated and the repair points have been reset. Sorry for the inconvenience.

We also want to announce that we have reduced the cost of fuel to one third of its cost.
From now on the way we receive the prizes will change after the end of the public races in order to simplify this section of the game and make the popularity a bit more intuitive.

There will be only 2 types of fixed income per race:

  • Revenue by race position (short-term job award). It will agglomerate the base money that is received based on the category in which we are and the prize for race position. Prizes for increases in positions between qualification and race are eliminated.
  • Revenue by popularity (prize for long-term work). The popularity will vary much more slowly than up to now, and will tend to a value depending on the category in which we are, the position obtained in qualification and the position obtained in the race. The prizes for position in the league disappear, therefore.
Both the prize for race position and popularity will only take into account the driver who has obtained the best position in each race, in case of having more than one.
LOWERING OF SALARIES 2018.04.14, 16:37h
The International Federation of Formula Manager (FIFM) has reached an agreement with the drivers' union to reduce the salaries of all drivers 8.000 to show solidarity with new users and make them an easier start in the game :)